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Many companies come and go but why are we still standing strong? it’s because of the trust you all have on us and lets us change your home, offices, workplaces, studios into the beautiful piece of art as you all must have dreamt of once in your life.

We are a team of highly professional and qualified home interior designer in Pune. We have expertise in designing your villa, bungalows, apartments – 1 BHK / 2 BHK, studios. We provide the most exquisite renovation of your old home with the help of the less time-consuming modern techniques.

So, we are not kidding when we say we’ll design your dream home as fast you could ever imagine. Our professional decorators will give you the best service in your budget that would change your entire living style and won’t ever let you regret your decision of choosing us.

Why We Are Popular Home Interior Decorator In Pune?

There are plenty of interior designers in the pune but what if we provide you the expert in this specific field of only home designing? This is something new right? Yes, our team has professionals who have specialized in one or two particular fields like residential designers, commercial designers, office designers or apartment/ studios designers to give you the best experience given by any interior designer in the country. It’s rightly said, “For a kingdom to be built, you need the expertise”. And for the expertise, you need to hire a team like us. So, don’t worry your home is in safe hands.

Luxury Designing In Your Budget

In India, we first think and then spend. Keeping up with the Indian style of a spending spree and preserving the Indian culture and designs of architecture our team picks up the best luxury items for your house in your given budget. We all love luxury items but spending thousands on them is a total waste of money.
For that not to happen our team will choose what’s best for your home with the right interior designing cost. Like using the ravishing Indian rosewood- Sheesham for the doors, or that sparkling chandelier which you thought might empty your pocket but will not. Every single thing from rugs, the entire furniture, to small essentials which are needed in a household would be handpicked by our own team. You don’t need to put pressure on yourselves, the best interior decorators are here.

The Kitchen Module As Per Your Need

One of the tricky works in interior designing is designing the module of the kitchen, and that’s where most of the decorators fail. Just for the sake of earning more bucks, some of the professionals end up giving you an over-designed kitchen, unnecessary over large or small-sized cabinets that shows no future use, setting up expensive marbles or tiles without your knowledge for kitchen interior designing.
These are few malpractices that are too common in between the interior designer. But, that’s not the case with us. Our team discusses your ease of expenditure, your personal choice, notes down and designs every small detail as per your say. Best Marbles and tiles are shown to you are according to your budget, within the color theme, and which perfectly suits your place and intensifies its beauty.

We Take care of every single thing
that requires for your home



Walking with the modern world is necessary, we all are changing our lives, living style according to the modernization that’s been increasing at a higher rate in our country.
We all love and want to accept westernization, newer techniques and like to remain updated with the ongoing changes. So do our homes also need renovation and up-gradation of types of equipment, power, source or way of communication?
And for that to happen some designs might need to meet the dynamic requirements in upcoming years. We know with the changing world.
Your house will also need some changes in the future so keeping that in mind our experts' design according to the changes your house might need after a few years.



You must have seen beautifully designed houses with ugly plain or false ceilings. In an attempt to create a false ceiling some workers create an utter blunder and that not only looks ugly but also makes your whole well designed house a piece of garbage.

Selecting the best workers for your ceiling is strongly recommended. The ceiling is the most important factor in terms of beautiful & luxury looking houses. We take care of how that part can glorify the beauty more. When we started our business years back in Pune, our main motive was to give our client a perfect home in every possible way.

We hired the best workers in the field of creating a perfect ceiling for your home that you would love and will cherish every time while giving a blank stare at your ceiling.


Plumbing / Chimneys

Who said the work of an interior designer is just to draw a layout. No, we have to work on every aspect of your household starting from your plumbing section, gas fitting, and chimneys.

You surely won’t love leaking gas in your pipelines or leaking tap every day and then. Assembling and rectifying the essential parts that build home is our main priority even if it’s a small work of choosing best for your washroom or your kitchen.

Chimneys are selected as per your kitchen’s space and amount of work done. Taps and showers are selected under your budget or luxury.

So, when it comes to choosing the essentials our team of professional interior designers won’t lag in choosing and doing all the work for you.


The kids’ Room

Working for a kids’ room isn’t an easy task for sure. Unlike the adults, a kids' room needs more specific designing, different color coordination, unique furniture like bookshelves unlike the one in your study, bedding, tables, chairs, the different module for washroom and what not.
Children have different needs and requirements when it comes to their rooms and each one of them would love to have the room of their dream.
If you also wish to make your child’s dream come true, we have got the whole plan sorted for you.
We have thousands of kids’ room designs to bring the best for your child, with the properly designed beds, to the entire furniture, the theme-based texture of the walls- cartoons, cars, space. Etc and appropriate lightings. Everything is resolved by us under one plan. So, choose the one that perfectly suits you the best.


Simple yet classy

Simplicity tells everything. Not everyone loves luxury or unique, quirky designs. Some of us prefer to live life simply and soberly. And, that personality of yours must also reflect in your home. You needn’t have to choose the luxury beyond your comfort.

We’ll mix the comfort with elegance to give your home a soothing and calm effect that you would love beyond your imagination. Also, whosoever said simple is not beautiful is wrong, because simple is classy.

If you are into antiques, we’ll get you from the best in the country in your city Pune, if you are more into calm zone we’ll give your home solid, plain colors, marble textured tiles/wallpapers, soothing lights, a big library or a study, Indian rosewood cabinets, aesthetic sofas each and every small or big thing as per your taste will be provided to you without your any extra effort.

You Before Us

All these years we are a leading home interior designer in Pune, from starting years in Pune. When we were growing to today where we have fully grown.
A well-managed team of expert and professional interior designers for home, commercial offices/workplaces designers, working labor, our main motive has always been to give you your dream house. For us, your trust is the main source of motivation. We work hard because you expect and you expect because we deliver.

Despite all the busy schedules, bounded time, we’ll still manage our entire team to work for you; our team will listen to your requirements, design the best layout, choose the entire collection and will deliver the work way before the given time.

You won’t regret spending your money as we will always consider you before us.