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Many companies come and go but why are we still standing strong? it’s because of the trust you all have on us and lets us change your home, offices, workplaces, studios into the beautiful piece of art as you all must have dreamt of once in your life. We are a team of highly professional and qualified home interior designers based in Pune who expertise in designing your villa, bungalows, apartments- 1BHK/2BHK, studios. We provide the most exquisite renovation of your old home with the help of the less time-consuming modern techniques. So, we are not kidding when we say we’ll design your dream home as fast you could ever imagine. Our professional decorators will give you the best service in your budget that would change your entire living style and won’t ever let you regret your decision of choosing us.

Luxury Designing In Your Budget

In India, we first think and then spend. Keeping up with the Indian style of a spending spree and preserving the Indian culture and designs of architecture our team picks up the best luxury items for your house in your given budget. We all love luxury items but spending thousands on them is a total waste of money. For that not to happen our team will choose what’s best for your home with the right interior designing cost. Like using the ravishing Indian rosewood- Sheesham for the doors, or that sparkling chandelier which you thought might empty your pocket but will not. Every single thing from rugs, the entire furniture, to small essentials which are needed in a household would be handpicked by our own team. You don’t need to put pressure on yourselves, the best interior decorators are here.

The Kitchen Module As Per Your Need

One of the tricky works in interior designing is designing the module of the kitchen, and that’s where most of the decorators fail. Just for the sake of earning more bucks, some of the professionals end up giving you an over-designed kitchen, unnecessary over large or small-sized cabinets that shows no future use, setting up expensive marbles or tiles without your knowledge for kitchen interior designing. These are few malpractices that are too common in between the interior designer. But, that’s not the case with us. Our team discusses your ease of expenditure, your personal choice, notes down and designs every small detail as per your say. Best Marbles and tiles are shown to you are according to your budget, within the color theme, and which perfectly suits your place and intensifies its beauty.

Why We Are Popular Home Interior Designer In Pune?

There are plenty of interior designers in the country but what if we provide you the expert in this specific field of only home designing? This is something new right? Yes, our team has professionals who have specialized in one or two particular fields like residential designers, commercial designers, office designers or apartment/ studios designers to give you the best experience given by any interior designer in the country. It’s rightly said, “For a kingdom to be built, you need the expertise”. And for the expertise, you need to hire a team like us. So, don’t worry your home is in safe hands.

The Real Beauty of A House Comes With Small Touches!

Your house looks beautiful when details are given the focus. While we have already talked a lot about budget-friendly interior designing but what if just a small expenditure would make your home a more beautifully designed home of details. Spending a little more on small touches is highly recommended. It includes very detailed planning on every corner of your house like living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen, foyer, bathroom, dining room etc. Our team of most expert detailers would additionally ask for your need of certain paintings, artifacts, designer items, upholstery, showpieces, wallpapers, unique kitchen utensils, from the best market of India and will set them as the theme suggests like color coding and structure of the house or the way design is planned which would give your home a more aesthetic, comfy and elegant look at the same time. You must always know that details are equally important as the interior of your whole house.

We Take care of every single thing which requires for your home

You before us

All these years we are a leading home interior designer in Pune, from starting years in Pune when we were growing to today where we have fully grown, a well-managed team of expert and professional interior designers for home, commercial offices/workplaces designers, working labor, our main motive has always been to give you your dream house. For us, your trust is the main source of motivation. We work hard because you expect and you expect because we deliver. Despite all the busy schedules, bounded time, we’ll still manage our entire team to work for you; our team will listen to your requirements, design the best layout, choose the entire collection and will deliver the work way before the given time. You won’t regret spending your money as we will always consider you before us.