We Are Leading Home Interior Designers In Pune

The job of an architect is to provide structurally safe and sound building structures that will fulfill people’s needs. But even the greatest building in the world is useless if its inside is a mess. This is where Interior design comes in. Being an inherent part of the architecture, interior design is mainly focused on creating interior spaces that make the building both practical and aesthetically pleasing. There are different kinds of interior designs depending on the kind of building it is implemented on. Look for the best home interior designer in Pune? The residential interior design is one of the biggest arenas for interior designers since it is the interiors of spaces in which people live. This includes houses, apartments, condos, and anywhere else where people reside. The architect builds the house, while it is the designer’s job to make it a home.

Home. It’s an idea and place that is always evolving. Building a home is more than building just walls, windows and doors. Home is a place where you relax, cook, and eat. It is where you live with your loved ones and entertain your close friends. The residential interior design process includes strategic planning, programmatic efficiency, sustainability and cost drivers so as to ensure that residences have a more relaxed atmosphere, are livable and enhance the meaning of home.


Home Interior Designers Are The Third Eye Of Your House

A home interior designer’s primary focus is creating a livable space. Creating a home is a very different job than someone who designs something like a bank or a commercial center. Residential interior designers coordinate the interiors of homes and respond by adjusting their thinking and creating ideas and solutions that reflect the ever-changing needs of space, sustainability, health, and comfort. Residential Interior design is always a matter of balancing aesthetic and function and at the same time, they need to be comfortable and usable.

If you are looking for best home interior designers in Pune, Citi Design Studio is dedicated to designing with responsibility, excellence, and sustainability. We provide interior design and decoration for residential bungalows, 1 BHK, 2BHK and 3 BHK flats. We pride ourselves in designing spaces that represent your personal style and functionality needs and deliver luxurious and innovative homes. Our experienced team of professionals integrates engineering, architectural, and interior designs considerations to create a “seamless” interior. Our goal is to create a fully integrated environment where the occupant loses sight of “how” and “why” the facility works and simply enjoys being there. Our designs exhibit the following features

Function :
Each aspect of the interior environment should perform efficiently for the user. Our designers investigate all aspects of functional requirements that will ultimately affect the selection of finish materials and furnishings and ensure a functional interior design.

Cost-effectiveness :
Our interior selections reflect the “best buy” in terms of aesthetic value and life-cycle costs. We believe that inexpensive, short-term solutions do not necessarily produce cost savings over time.

Durability :
We make sure our designs and finishes are durable and pass the “test of time.” Our designers consider material durability and wear as well as cost. Select quality materials and products appropriate to the function and level of use are suggested.

Compatibility :
Our designers learn the base’s architectural and environmental compatibility plans to achieve a design with a unified sense of scale, tradition, and compatibility.

Budget :
With proper planning and research of innovative design, our designers provide quality facility interiors within restricted budgets, ensuring budget constraints do not affect design creativity.

Flexibility :
Flexible designs are essential to meet the dynamic requirements. Rapid technological advancements often demand upgraded equipment, power, and communication requirements. Our designers keep in mind that with ever-changing technology, your house may require future modifications.

Timelessness :
A sense of timelessness in interior design will extend the life and usefulness of design projects. Structural definition, classic furnishings, suitable materials, congenial visual and tactile features are the foundation of good residential interior design. Our designers believe that Interiors should be creative but not extreme, reflect quality but not opulence, and be capable of being updated without requiring major changes to materials, spaces, or functions.

Our Turn-Key Services include :
Planning and Designing
• Modular Kitchen
• Wallpaper & Painting
• Plumbing
• Carpentry & furniture
• Flooring
• False Ceiling
• Bathroom & Toilet Décor
• Soft Furnishing
• Light Fittings
• Electrical & White Goods