We Are A leading Interior Designer In Pune

Citi Design Studio is one of the best interior design services provider in Pune.
We specialize in creating different styles like traditional, classic, modern, rustic, contemporary, country, formal or casual homes.
We offer customized space improvement services.

 Our goal is quality service, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. Our experts would conduct a detailed analysis and suggest the best fit for your needs. We personalize your home, matching your style and functional needs with flexibility, transparency and speed. We follow a very customer-centric approach. We are committed to delivering excellent interiors of superior quality and standards. We strive to match your dream home to your tastes, preferences, style, comfort and budget. Citi Design Studio is a one-stop solution for your interior decor needs. So you are just a step away from your dream home.  Meet our experts and discuss your lifestyle and desires. We create personalized homes for a happy living for your lifetime.

Home decor is the reflection of your personality and style. The colors, themes, fabric, upholstery, furnishings, curtains reflect your unique tastes and preferences.  Citi Design Studio is much popular interior designer in pune. We creates personalized solutions to match your dreams, desires and unique style. People look for comfortable and stylish places, we make the place stylish and comfortable.  Remodeling your home is a pleasant activity but could change into a daunting task with the number of options available in the market. A professional can help you narrow down the best and most suitable options.

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What We Offer As A Interior Designer

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If you are looking for the best residential interior designers in Pune, you are in the right place. Our goal is to create happy living rooms for your lifetime. We aim to create functional designs that are easy to clean and elegant. The interiors should also provide a calming and soothing atmosphere to the home. The aim is not just to create a stylish home but also to make it comfortable and homely. We believe that the functionality, customer requirements and space layout are incredibly important. Aesthetics of the place come later.

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We believe the office space and decor should reflect the culture and values of the workplace along with being comfortable. The employees spend the entire day in the workplace and so it should be safe and comfortable. We strive to create the best commercial interior designs for workplaces. We keep the structure, diagrams, drawings, layout, spacing is based on your requirements and the layout of the company or your office. Our expertise lies in creating the perfect balance between style and space utility by considering convenience and luxury.

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We believe in a high level of accuracy. We offer 3D interactive architectural exterior visualizations for creating more useful presentations. The designs of an architect’s plan rely on visuals. 3D visualization requires creativity and is mainly done at the start of the project. Drawing the diagrams were the most common and effective techniques earlier. Nowadays the 3D design is more presentable and carries more weight. Customers can visualize the space before any work begins.

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Your Home In Budget

These days almost everyone is looking for budget interior designers in Pune. Our main forte is in creating what the customer wants within the space layout and is useful. We expertise in the decor of residential bungalows, 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats. Our team of professionals integrates engineering, architectural, and interior layouts. We conduct detailed research and plan meticulously for providing the best home interior designing solutions to the customers with minimum interior design charges.

Some of the key services that we provide include planning, modular kitchen, wallpaper and painting, plumbing, carpentry, furniture, flooring, false ceiling, bathroom decor, soft furnishing, light fittings etc. We offer creative solutions for furniture, kitchen, upholstery, materials, flooring, curtains, color scheme, lighting, ceiling, storage area, artifacts, customized graphics stickers etc. Each room in the house can reflect a distinct story. Overall we create refreshing and modern interior design ideas based on the space. We can create simple layouts with a distinct edge.

Commercial Place Made Easy!

We understand commercial properties require different structures and layouts as compared to residential. We aim at the optimal utilization of space along with being pleasing to the employees.  We are one of the best commercial interior decorators in Pune city. We have expertise in lavish hotels, offices, showrooms and educational institutes.

We plan all the details carefully to develop workplaces that incorporate the brand and corporate mission. The teams are completely involved in the entire process. We even start planning and designing during the construction process. We suggest any structural changes if required during the construction phase. We have professional teams that cater to different aspects like defining the scope of work, drawing blueprints, quality material, budgets, schedules, planning, and execution.

We also plan and share unique ideas for color themes, styles, layout, desk arrangement, natural light, green spaces, storage, lobby, good quality furniture, and cleanliness. We keep ourselves constantly updated on the upcoming trends in the commercial interior design market. This helps us suggest unique and latest ideas to the customers. We focus on developing the layout that matches your requirements, fits in your budget and is stylish and different. We are one of the best Pune based interior design companies.

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The Output In 3D

The virtual space can be personalized by editing the materials, components and products. It’s like a 3D walkthrough file. Even the contractor and builders can clearly see the structure and layouts. These 3D designs help in removing the fear and anxiety of planning large projects. As customers see the 3D visualization, it gives them the power to turn their imaginations into reality.

Customers love the 3D designs as they can see their ideas come to life. They understand the ideas well as it can be seen visually. Decision making is easier between different ideas as you can see how the different concepts would turn out. 3D designing is extremely useful in big projects, offices, resorts, restaurants, malls, shopping complexes, hotels etc. The layout of these buildings has to be perfect as the cost of modification is high and also time-consuming.

We identify minor adjustments, measurement differences and any other modifications early with the help of 3D visualizations. This saves a lot of time and money and is a powerful tool. It helps to avoid unnecessary expenditure and rework. 3D designs are very effective in marketing as they attract a lot of customer attention. Customers can visualize the space before any work begins. The virtual space can be personalized by editing the materials, components and products. It’s like a 3D walkthrough file. Even the contractor and builders can clearly see the layout. It also helps in removing the fear and anxiety of planning large projects. As customers see the 3D visualization, it gives them the power to turn their imaginations into reality.

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The Process We Follow

  • Location inspection :
    We prefer the meetings at the location of the renovation. This gives us a better picture of the space, layout and area.  We take all the necessary measurements and dimensions of the space.
  • Your choice of style :
    Interactive communication with the customer is done to understand their choices and styles. This helps us matching your requirements.
  • Layout /Space planning :
    Based on the discussions and measurement we would start redesigning the entire space for optimal utilization.
  • Concept/Ideas Sharing :
    We would discuss the ideas and concepts developed by our team that best suits your requirements and matches your expectations. We suggest the optimal solution based on functionality and layout.
  • Modifications :
    Post a detailed discussion with the customers, we make any changes or modifications requested in the ideas. We fine-tune the designs at this stage.
  • Material selection :
    There are multiple aspects to consider during the selection of material. The durability, color scheme, aesthetics, features, suitability and cost. A perfect blend of all these factors is essential.
  • Design finalization :
    Incorporating the changes in designs and finalizing the material and colors we create the final layout for the space.
  • Production drawings :
    The team would create production drawings based on the finalized layout.Alternate options and suggestions are provided to choose the best option as per customer style.
  • Execution :
    We turn the ideas into reality. Project management is complex and involves multiple aspects. It includes many different resources and to coordinate all to deliver all in the specified budget and time.
  • Quality Check :
    We would ensure everything is finished and completed as per the plan. We test and ensure that every detail matches the quality standards. Delivery: Handing over your place to you.
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Citi Design Studio

Citi Design Studio is the most recommended interior designer in Pune. We strive to create aesthetically beautiful and functional designs. We provide homeowners with an exceptional experience. We clearly define the needs of the customer and analyze them completely. We take into account all major and minor details of the space. We incorporate all inputs provided by our expert teams and also the customer. Our team meticulously plans the entire layout, keeping in mind the customer requirement, functionality and room decor. We ensure that you would be part of all the processes like planning, idea creation, finalizing and execution.

We have a qualified and experienced team of architects. If you are looking for an interior design consultation or turnkey interior contractors in Pune, then we are here to help you all time. We have the best team of interior decorators in Pune. We are constantly on the lookout for emerging and upcoming trends in the market. We carefully screen our suppliers for quality. We provide end-to-end interior services. We redefine the interior spaces as per your style.


Read Customer Reviews
Vijay PatilSatyajeet SurveNandini ReddySahil InamdarKiran Agarwal
I bought a new home in Kothrud. Citi Design Studios has done a fabulous job with the decor. The quality of work is excellent and delivered on time. They matched my expectations and suggested suitable alternative options. The interior designers are very observant and pay attention to even smaller details. My home looks aesthetically beautiful and elegant. I highly recommend Citi Design Studio for interiors in Pune.
Vijay Patil
The planning was detailed. Even smaller details were not ignored. The team kept me involved in all the planning and implementation process. Changes suggested were also taken into consideration. Innovative designs were also suggested in all aspects. They transformed my home interiors and it looks spacious and larger. I love the way they changed and transformed my home. I am glad I hired Citi Design Studios. The newly designed home turned out to be beyond my expectations. Their ideas and quality of work is par excellence.
Satyajeet Surve
IT Professional
We hired Citi Design Studios to do the interiors in our Baner and Hadapsar office. The team architects and interior designers are extremely professional with strong planning and execution. The team completed my office as per the requirement and within the allotted budget. Any changes suggested were discussed and promptly acted on. We had strict timelines to meet. They ensured that our timelines are met and delivered on time. Their craftsmanship is good. You are a good interior designer in Pune. I strongly recommended them, as I am sure they would cater well to the demands of the customers.
Nandini Reddy
Citi Design has done meticulous planning and execution. The team ensured not to miss out on any details. I genuinely appreciate the on-time completion of the work. Our staff and stakeholders have shared positive feedback on the interiors. The team interacted with us to understand the work culture, our values and integrity. The style, furniture, color schemes, theme, spacing, indoor plantation, conference rooms and desks everything is done perfectly. The space is also utilized smartly. The office feels aesthetically pleasing and professional. Thank you for the fabulous interiors. We have new upcoming offices in Pimpri-Chinchwad and Aundh areas in Pune and a couple of more in the future. I am looking at a long term association with the company
Sahil Inamdar
A friend suggested taking advice from expert professionals. I found Citi Design Studios and approached them. I found their ideas unique and appealing. From the very first meeting, their attention to nitty gritties was awesome. The decor of each room is as per the theme and mood of the rooms. They are budget interior designers. I am glad I handed my home to the best experts in town. Thank you for the beautiful makeover of my home.
Kiran Agarwal

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Frequently Asked Questions


Interior designers understand the spaces better. There are a lot of technicalities involved in designing a space. Their knowledge, expertise, and guidance can help you avoid costly mistakes. Their research skills can help you find the most suitable options. Their coordination and project management is the best and ensures smooth execution and resolution of conflicts between vendors. They are trained to design spaces for optimal utilization of space, functionality, comfort and ease of use.

This is a myth. In reality, the interior designer helps you find the most suitable solutions at the best price. They are well trained to research and negotiate the best prices with the vendors to match your budgets. A designer focuses on the view at large also and not just on changing a few elements. They are a great help in avoiding unnecessary expenses and avoid costly mistakes.

Clear communication with the designer is the key to building your dream home. Clearly communicate if you do not wish to change anything. A list of expected modifications from you would be helpful. The designer should respect your viewpoints and you should like the person. Ensure that you are comfortable talking to the designer. This would help in communication in the course of the project.

The first meeting is about 2-3 hours long. The designer would conduct a detailed interview with you to understand your purpose and outlook. They would share the steps and processes to accomplish your ideas. The designer would measure and click pictures of various spaces. They would create a detailed list for each area. They would also compile a list of existing materials that can be used and which do not require changes.

When the designer visits your place, they would provide an estimate of both time and cost.

An interior designer is a consultant who would help develop your ideas, vision and style to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. The interior designers at Citi Design Studios would value all your opinions and ideas. Your requirement is of utmost importance to us. We create and develop designs based on your needs and requirements.