Why Choose Citi Design Studio?
Know our work flow.
  • Careful and constructive handling of customer expectations is the core of any successful interior fit-out. We are always there for you – Right from the initial conception, to the planning and design stages and up to final implementation. Our professionals stay with you throughout all of the phases of your interior design project, taking on all of the communication and organization tasks.
  • We ensure open communication with clients so that they are always informed and have full decision making power. We build relationships with our clients which are founded on reliability and trust, so you will always be in the know and always be making all the important decisions.
  • With our experienced team and technical resources, we approach each new project in a very personal manner which leads us to design a thoughtful, creative and intuitively responsive design tailored to reflect clients’ wishes.
  • With excellent space planning, architectural detailing with contemporary furniture designs and accessories, we transform your vision into reality. We are always alert to delivering timely and quality work to our clients.
  • Citi Design Studio desire to be a vibrant and energetic interior designer in the market by having a transparent approach no matters it home interior designing or commercial interior designing and provide services at reasonable prices. With us, you don’t need to compromise on your aesthetic vision anymore.
  • Quality assurance is built into our value proposition since we make sure that every single addition to your space is sourced from the best brands in the market. We find the right painter, electrician, plumber, flooring expert, carpenter and other specialists with best rates and performance guarantee.
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How We Work?
Know our work flow.

No one knows the project better than you. So, as an interior designer, we start off by listening and connecting with you. Our experienced team pays special attention to your needs, local culture and building architecture. We collaborate with you and invest time and effort in determining the design scope, specific décor needs, color preferences and budget. Together, we explore and define the unique requirements of the property.

After collecting all the essential information, our professionals from all relevant disciplines engage and create distinctive and powerful design solutions. Various design aspects like wall textures, flooring, fitments, décor items, electrical fittings, lighting arrangements etc are defined. The resulting design theme becomes the essential character and functional framework of the project.

With beautifully rendered images, selected materials, meticulous plans, and detailed schematic budgets, we make sure you fully experience the project visions. The specifications are presented and discussed and various changes are made and design is fine-tuned according to the client. The customer can select the best design option after the presentation and enter an official service agreement.

This stage involves actual execution of our design module of the property. Our core team who has conceived and nurtured the planning execute it and make sure your vision is realized. Once the construction is complete, we perform ongoing project support.

Feedback is a continuous process of design installation and project delivery. We make sure that our customers are delighted with our services. Any grievances are promptly handled and special maintenance packs are also offered for the upkeep of the property.