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Citi Design Studio is well established and ranks among the best interior designers in Pune that provides a wide range of interior design consultancy services. We aspire to create the perfect balance of interiors and lifestyle in every space we design. Through detailed research and design, we actively explore diverse ideas and cultures. Every client is different and for each project, we design elegant solutions that align with our clients’ goals and deliver real value. We design spaces that motivate and we build relationships with our customers that abide. We regard our clients as our partners and value their voices and insight in the design process. Our experienced team works to ensure the finished product meets all timelines, budget, and especially the final vision set by the client. Together, we create places that connect, enrich the senses, enhance their living experience and deliver in equal measure.



We aspire to design and create authentic, welcoming residences where people can be together with their families, be alone, or simply be. We consider all factor like interior layout, orientation, light conditions, materials, community connections among others and design residences that resonate their occupants’ needs and relate to their surrounding context. We understand client expectations and deliver customized clever design solutions, which are practical, lively, beautiful and they increase the connectivity, visibility, and value of residential places. We strive to create the best, tailor-made designs and decor solutions.

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We provide design services to corporations & commercial real estate developers, property groups, and private organizations. Nowadays, with shifting demographics and cultural ideals, workplace design matters more than ever. We strive to design a modern office which characterizes openness, flexibility, and increased amenities that echoes work-life balance. Our designers work with our clients to ensure that their design requirements are met and the best interests of the projects are diligently upheld. We aim to develop a tangible atmosphere by incorporating our client’s brand, corporate mission, and workplace needs.

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With 3D Visualization, we help our clients get a feel of how a building looks after it is constructed. We create visually advanced and virtual solutions using state of the art technology to create as per client demands. This helps our client decide what they are investing in before implementing a single change. It also saves time and helps modify details that required to be changed before the actual construction. Nowadays, Exterior 3D Visualization has also become an excellent marketing technique to attract buyers when it comes to the promotion of a business, hotel or real estate project.

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An interior design project is equivalent to running a marathon. If not carefully planned, there’s a good chance you’ll come up short and never reach the finish line. And the finish line for us is when your new living space is complete to down to the very last detail. Our top priority is helping provide homeowners with an exceptional interior modeling experience. We carefully analyze and define your space straight from the beginning by incorporating inputs from our interior designers and specialists. We investigate each element involved to plan your space in a strategic way.

At the heart of any successful interior fit-out lies the understanding of client’s requirement. We believe that a good and open communication is the key to successful collaboration. Communication within our team is vital to understand customers’ needs and expectations. Right from the initial conception, to the planning and design stages and up to final implementation, our professionals stay with you throughout all of the phases of your project, taking on all of the communication and organization tasks. Our experienced team of managers, interior designers, and decorators all share the same vision to complete the clients’ ultimate objectives satisfactorily.

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