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A bedroom is the perfect resting and essential space of the house. It is the least traffic room but the most important place as most vital activities like sleeping, rejuvenating, refreshing takes place here. It is the perfect place where you start and end your day. We enjoy the bedroom environment when it is comfortable, pleasurable and stress relieving. Citidesignstudio the best interior studio currently serving in Pune strive hard to make your spaces wonderful and beautiful. We have professional bedroom interior designers providing solutions to residential and commercial projects in and around Pune. Steal the artwork of our firm to fit yourself into classify and fit attitude. The company suffocates you with dozens of bedroom interior designing ideas to rejuvenate you. The professional team works on turnkey and small projects to match the lifestyle of one’s needs. The studio’s commitment to crafting takes you to the intimacy of home décor counting into the topmost business design services firm.

In existence, for over years we offer end to end solutions to deliver trendy bedroom decor ideas. Specializing in residential interior designing projects we have recipes to make your rejuvenating space livelier. With combined experience in commercial and residential sites, our experiments will leave a successful impact on your life. The projects taken by us are real and enthusiastic. Our dream is to design passionate and resonate rooms to transform your sleep into a healthier one.

The design studio works in the diverse field of furnishing, decorating, modernizing your 1BHK, 2BHK, master bedroom, home interior design, living room, kitchen etc. The experts help you plan an aesthetic and appealing bedroom for youngsters, kids, elders and as per your requirement. Our home interior designs incorporate cozy modern and practical bedroom spaces by our professionals.

  • Vision :
    To make your bedroom a palace to refresh, rejuvenate and improve your sleep.
  • Incorporate the key elements into your bedroom space for making it both relaxing and luxurious :
    There are several essential elements Citidesignstudio recommends you feature most blissful and dreamy bedrooms.
  • Mattress and Bed :
    It is the most important element which makes a big difference in making your body relax. We help you in choosing the best mattress. You can have bedrooms with mattresses on the floor or low to the ground and luxury mattresses. Select the latest bed design to transform and glam up your bedroom. Low slung platform bed, traditional wooden beds make the best outfit of your room.
  • Lighting :
    The aim of lighting is to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Use soft, ambient and flattering light to make your room bright. They should be quite beautiful and decorative to elevate your style.
  • Wardrobe :
    Artistic wardrobe designs like transparent wardrobe, wardrobe with mirror, printed wardrobe, floor to ceiling wardrobe features to your styled bedrooms etc.
  • Mirrors :
    Mirrored bedroom furniture is always a practical solution for stylish bedrooms. A mirror is a necessity for wardrobes, sliding doors, full-sized mirrors between the windows, dressing corner etc.
  • Wallpaper :
    Eye-catching wallpaper adds color and pattern to your bedroom. It takes you to straight dreamland and comfort zone. Go for loud, soft, floral, icy and cool, pretty and pastel wallpapers.
  • Headboard :
    Placement of headboard in the bedroom is the most important decision to focus all the vibes in the room. Wood pallet headboard, screen headboard, extended headboard, silk headboard quilted headboard, classic headboard and many more .
2bhk flat's bedroom interior designer in pune

Browse through our ideas to decorate your bedroom

Master bedroom :

The team has stunning design ideas to glam up your lifestyle. The master bedroom can be small or big making it beautiful or creative is our motto. The firm takes you to the newest trend and classy ideas to make your bedroom favorite space. Here are the ideas that work equally for all types of master bedrooms to make it romantic, sophisticated and modern. Perfect lighting, unique flooring, beautifully mirrored, different schemes of furniture, accent walls, cushioned fabric walls, bringing in the sunlight, will soften to aid your restful sleep. Make your master bedroom the master of the house with stylish headboard, lively walls, luxurious carpet, setting up a sitting area and artwork.

Country style :

The country style decorating idea is classic and welcoming. It fills your vision in the old era. It is easy to adapt to any budget. The substyles include French country, English country, rustic cottage and farmhouse. French country finds warm pallets, cheer yellow, sage green, creamy white, florals or strips. The cottage includes mixed patterns floral, distressed furniture quilt blares and lots of throw of the pillow. English country favors rounded shapes and mix of patterns. The furniture is sturdy and rustic.

Luxurious Bedroom :

Luxurious is always overfilled. The project team has Bonafede ways to put your space into luxury. Adding a new lamp, textured accent wall, modular furniture, oversized headboards, creates aesthetic vibes.
Luxury kids’ rooms are fit for teenagers adding extra design for homework. Ecofriendly bedrooms can be featured with a green touch. Great use of soft neutrals adding design elements, acrylic swinging chair, seductive dark hues, bedroom pendant light, unique end tables, mirrored blackboard, marble and wood defines your luxury well.

Modern :

The modern bedroom scheme is to impress using sleek, simple and calming ideas. The ideal script includes color and décor selection like wood paneling blends and hardwood floors. All mixed together from the color of walls, bedding and lamps gives you the modern look. Modern is minimum so very little in the room makes you work for the idea of a modern bedroom.

Contemporary Style :

Contemporary is a geometric style. Black and white and gray color is the common color scheme. The furniture may be horizontal or vertical.

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  • We have products ranging from lighting, furniture, painting, furnishing and coloring.
  • We make you feel refresh, rejuvenate, stress-relieving offering you a cozy and comfortable style.
  • The utmost care is taken about factors like quality, budget and on-time delivery.
  • The expertise bare trendy technology and endless options to flare up your spaces.
  • The studio has successful ongoing and finished home interior designing projects.
  • We are the brand to create the best tailor-made sites and décor solutions for customers living in and around Pune.

So, greet yourself with best bedroom interior designers in Pune and get tips and accessories to help you have a great refreshing time in your private space. Get more sleep with us.